Microprint Endorsement Lines: The border on the front of the check has lines that are formed by printed words so small that they appear as a solid line or pattern to the naked eye. Under magnification the words appear. This level of detail cannot be replicated by most copiers or desktop scanners.
Watermarks: Genuine Watermarks are designs pressed into the paper during manufacturing. When held to light, the designs are easily visible from either side of the paper. Copiers and scanners are incapable of duplicating these watermarks. Artificial Watermarks are subtly printed logos or words which can be viewed at a 45 degree angle. Copiers and scanners capture images at 90 degree angles and will not be able to duplicate these watermarks.
Warning Box: Warning Box on back of the check lists the check's security features and describes how to detect an alteration.
Warning Band: Warning Bands are printed messages that call attention to the security features that have been added to protect a document.
Pantograph Background: A Pantograph in the check background complicates alteration and unauthorized reproduction.
Void Pantograph: The background on the face of the check has (2) different void pantographs which show the word “void” if copied.
Thermochromic Icon: Our checks feature thermochromatic heat-sensitive ink on both the front & back of check. This heat sensitive ink will disappear when blowing or rubbing.
Diagonal Dimensional Backer: Different spacing of diagonal lines used in the design of a check backer to deter altering by cut and paste method.
Coin Reactive Logo: Tech Checks Logo is printed with invisible ink that can only be exposed by scratching the ink with the edge of a coin, key or any other metal object. The special security Ink can only be seen in a specific angle, in order to provide a way to ensure document authenticity upon receipt. This feature cannot be copied or scanned.